Hi my name is Richard Simmons I would like to tell you a little bit about myself i worked for a company for 27 yrs and had a good job but as time went on things changed how business was done. Management changed and the quality of work went down. So that’s when i knew i had to make a change i was to young to retire so i know i had to find a way out. So made the choice to leave my job i no longer had the passion for it was hard and scary for me to just walk away. I just was not at peace being their my mom was up in age she was getting to the point where she needed to be cared for around the clock i knew that i was not going to put in a nursing facility so i thought i would do this for a year and go back to work. Well taking care of my mother took a toll on me my health took a turn for the worse i ran out of money to sick to go back to work. My mom had passed after going through this ride for six years . But that’s when i begin to see my life change and i was able to let go of the things that thought i needed. I felt free i now work part time delivering meals to the elderly wow it feels good to help other’s. 
Life is important to me and we only get one so this is my new Essence Lifestyle.

So i found a way that would help me change to be able to do the things i like i found a community of people that would help me start my own online business they showed me how to build it from the ground up they walked through it step by step so that I could have the Essence Lifestyle that I want. They stood with me and helped me to create a lifestyle that is real. Now when i wake up i look forward to the day because i can help not only my self change the i way live but help others do the same thing for them and their family. The great thing is that I get all of the support i need and the tools and help from other people that are working in the community like myself doing the same thing. Really what i am doing is building me . I stepped out on faith to go after the life that i want and i know that i was not going to be able to do that working for someone else so the challenge to learn something new was a big step for me but i know if their is no risk their is no reward. So now i get to go on this journey every day of building my vision of me and it feels good.